As a drummer for over 40 years, I've always dreaded having to clean and polish my cymbals, especially when I have more than a few. Then going pro later in life, my tech has that responsibility. I used to hate seeing his finger prints all over them as well as mine from squelching the cymbal. To get to the point, I wish I would of thought of this product. It's a great idea turned into a reality. Cymbal Sox is the answer to my dilemma . You polish your cymbals and you have these nice, smooth, strong,and light weight covers for them, protecting them from finger prints, smudges, and most of all tarnish, that dull film that eventually gets on them. Cover them on your kit when you're not using them and when your taking them to a gig. Cymbal Sox, "A dream come true."
So if you're a drummer and you care about your gear, and you hate polishing all the time, this is the way to go! Check it out see for yourself.

Audie Desbrow - Drummer, Great White,