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Our company started in November 2014 as a dream from a dedicated drummer,  passionate about having a clean pristine sound from his cymbals.  Eight months of hard work and many prototypes later, our product was born.

Cymbal sox is an easy to use product that gives you “Hands off Protection” for your cymbals.  It keeps your cymbals clean from dust and oils.  It keeps your cymbals shiny like the day you bought them.

Our product can be left on your cymbal until you are ready to play. It offers quick and easy removal, without having to take off the wing nut.

For drummers on the road you will spend less time polishing and cleaning your investment.  Not only that, it protects your cymbals while in their carrying case.

As dedicated drummers, and as partners, we thank you for choosing our product.

our history

Fall 2014

Idea of Cymbal Sox individual cymbal covers was conceived.

Jan 2015

First prototype was manufactured.

Feb 2015

Company shareholders agreement reached and Incorporation of the company confirmed.
Trademarking of company logo and patent of cymbal Sox design legal process started.

March 2015

Negotiations with numerous offshore manufacturers to produce Cymbal Sox started.

April 2015

Decided on one manufacturer in China and negotiated long-term working deal with company.

July 2015

All specs for product sent to manufacturer for mass production of first order.

August 2015

Started to market product to some major music retailers for interest in carrying our Sox and received very positive response.

Sept 2015

Distributed prototypes of product to some working drummers with positive feedback and interest in using Cymbal Sox on a full time basis.

Nov 2015

Received first full order of Cymbal Sox from manufacturer in China.

Feb 2016

Company open for business!

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